臨床心理学に関わる問題に、脳波などの神経指標と、 機械学習などの情報処理技術を用いてアプローチします。 最近は、マインドフルネス瞑想がマインドワンダリングの どういった側面に働きかけているのかについて研究しています。

Keyword: 臨床心理学,機械学習,認知心理学,マインドワンダリング,マインドフルネス

Ph.D (Human Science, Waseda Univ., Japan)
Clinical Psychologist, Certified Public Psychologist
Department of Neural Computation for Decision-making,
Brain Information Communication Research Lab. Group, ATR

I investigate themes of clinical psychology using neural indices such as EEG, and information processing techniques, such as machine learning.
I specialized in the research of mindfulness and my recent topics have focused on mind-wandering.
Keywords: clinical psychology, machine learning, cognitive psychology, mind wandering, mindfulness


  • Ecological momentary assessment of mind-wandering: meta-analysis and systematic review.
    Issaku Kawashima, Tomoko Hinuma, Saori C. Tanaka
    Scientific Reports 13 2873 2023 Feb

  • Pavlovian-based neurofeedback enhances meta-awareness of mind-wandering
    Issaku Kawashima, Toru Nagahama, Hiroaki Kumano, Keiko Momose, Saori C. Tanaka
    Neural Networks 158 239-248 2023 Jan

  • Prediction of Mind-Wandering with Electroencephalogram and Non-linear Regression Modeling
    Issaku Kawashima, Hiroaki Kumano
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11 2017 Jul

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